MTL Instruments, a part of Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series portfolio, is globally recognized for its wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing intrinsic safety explosion protection devices and systems for process control applications. Here's an overview of MTL's offerings and applications:


  1. Intrinsic Safety Explosion Protection Devices: MTL specializes in providing devices and systems designed to ensure safety in hazardous environments, particularly in process control applications.

  2. Fieldbus and Industrial Network Components: MTL offers a range of components for fieldbus and industrial networks, facilitating efficient communication and data exchange in industrial environments.

  3. HMI and Visualization: MTL provides Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions and visualization tools to enable operators to monitor and control processes effectively.

  4. Surge Protection: MTL offers surge protection devices to safeguard equipment and systems from voltage spikes and surges, ensuring reliability and longevity.

  5. Alarm Management: MTL's alarm management solutions help organizations effectively monitor and manage alarms in industrial settings, enhancing safety and efficiency.

  6. Gas Analysis: MTL offers gas analysis solutions for monitoring and analyzing gas concentrations in various industrial processes, ensuring compliance with safety standards.


MTL products are crucial components in some of the world's most safety-critical processes. They are utilized in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Power Production Plants
  • Petrochemical Installations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing and Process Plants

MTL products are deployed in diverse locations, both hazardous and general-purpose, to ensure safety and reliability in critical operations.

With its reputation for providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions, MTL Instruments plays a vital role in safeguarding industrial processes and enhancing operational efficiency across various industries.

4 products


4 products


MTL4521 | MTL Loop Powered Solenoid Alarm Driver


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MTL5045 | Measurement Technology Isolating Driver MTL5045 | Measurement Technology Isolating Driver
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